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Pensacola Family Photos | The Smiths

May 26, 2023

Family smiling on the sound in Gulf Breeze at the Naval Live Oaks 
Elle Kay Photography Pensacola Florida

There’s something truly magical about spending quality time with your loved ones on the beach. The combination of sun, sand, and sea creates a beautiful backdrop for creating memories. And what better way to preserve those moments than through family photos in Pensacola or the surrounding area? The Smiths were in need of family photos, and I was so happy to help them!

We decided on the Naval Live Oaks in Gulf Breeze for these fun family photos! Mom wanted individuals of each kiddo and of course a lot of sibling photos! The best part is that these “big kids” played around and had fun too! Don’t discount the fun your kids can have at a family photoshoot at any age!

When you choose Elle Kay Photography for your family session, I’ll help all along the way. From wardrobe choices to location to prompts throughout the session! I also bring treats in my camera bag for kiddos no matter their age! Who doesn’t love a reward for smiling? Ha!

Elle Kay Photography Pensacola Florida

The beaches of Pensacola invite a sense of playfulness and adventure, making it the perfect place for fun poses and expressions. Let your family’s personalities shine through as you strike a pose or engage in fun activities together. These joyful moments will make your family photos in Pensacola truly remarkable.

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The Smith Family Smiling on the Sound in Gulf Breeze

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