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What To Wear for a Family Session

March 24, 2023

Welcome back guys! I don’t know about you, but when I look back on family pictures from my childhood, there’s a lot of denim….and sponge paint! Also, a lot of tight, frizzy curls from me and my mother. Yes, that was in! Thankfully, we have moved on from those photography days! And we are into a different season of dressing. So, what DO you wear for a family photography session now? That answer is different for every family. Read on! I have a few tips to help every family decide what to wear.

family photo of mom dad brother and sister on pensacola beach
Sweet family photo on Pensacola Beach with coordinating colors.

Tip Number One: Wear Colors that Coordinate

The biggest question people have for family photoshoots is about colors. Do they have to match? Nope. You can if you’d like, but I prefer coordinating colors to matching.

For example, the photo above has a family wearing variations of blue, gray, tan, and pink. These colors coordinate, but don’t match exactly. This color palette also works so well with a beach location! Wearing coordinating colors allows for more visual interest in your photos, as well as beautiful, subtle contrast!

mom and daughters family photo session pensacola florida
Mommy and daughters wearing their fanciest dresses.

Tip Number Two: Don’t Be Afraid to Dress Up

Want to wear a certain outfit but afraid it’s too dressy? No such thing! Pictures are the perfect time to wear that dress ladies! Or have your guy wear his dress pants and button down!

There is nothing wrong with dressing down for photos. Don’t get me wrong! Jeans and cute tops can be ideal for certain sessions. There’s definitely a place for that, too. But have fun with your family session! Wear the dress! Have fun with it! You’re taking photos to remember a certain season of life with your loved ones. Why not make it fancy and fun?

cousins taking an extended family photo on pensacola beach florida

Tip Number Three: Remember the Accessories

Don’t forget about the accessories! Before your photo session, make sure everyone has the correct shoes (if you aren’t on the beach), socks (if needed), belts, sweaters, headbands, jewelry, etc. Nothing like last minute shopping the day of your photo shoot! If it is slightly colder out, make sure your children have sweaters or a light jacket. If they warm up, you can always take them off. Plus it’s almost like an outfit change for the session! You’ll get two different looks in one.

mom and dad on pensacola beach florida matenrity photos
New mommy and daddy walking along Pensacola Beach.

Tip Number Four: Dress Your Family’s Personality

Last but not least, make sure you wear clothing that fits your family’s personality. You don’t want everyone upset and uncomfortable the entire photoshoot. I know, mommas. Sometimes this can be so difficult! But do your best to give your children at least one “win” in their outfit. Whether it is an accessory or a piece of clothing. I promise this will make the entire process easier! And don’t worry, I always bring a little candy for bribery. Haha!

I hope this helps ease your concerns for your family photoshoot! Have additional questions? Email me at hello@ellekayphoto.com.

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family photo on pensacola beach

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