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Tips For Family Photoshoots

February 27, 2023

Tips for Family Photoshoots

Hi guys! It’s easy to stress out about family photos, but it doesn’t have to be this way!

I know, I know! We want the PERFECT photo and the PERFECT smiles. But here’s the thing…life isn’t perfect! And wouldn’t you rather have photos that are true to your season of life? Those turn out more perfectly than we could ask for!

I have a few tips for family photoshoots to help you out! Let’s go!

Sweet sisters keeping it real during their family photoshoot at the beach!

Tip Number One

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Our children, dogs, spouses, and everyone around us can pick up on our stress! So let the small things go. Focus on enjoying your time with your family, and let me handle the rest!

Playing in the sand on the beach!

Tip Number Two

Let them have fun!

I promise you that letting your children have fun during the photoshoot will make for better photos! Why not?! Wouldn’t you rather have fun than being posed in a stiff position? Well, so would they.

During our family photoshoots, I will have games for your children to play along with prompts to help them enjoy our time together! The result? Authentic images of your family. And you’ll be able to enjoy them forever!

Genuine belly laughs make for the best memories at this family beach photoshoot!

Tip Number Three


Sounds simple right? And a little silly? But it is the perfect way to get genuine photos of your family. Laughing and having fun should be a staple in your family photos! Don’t miss these authentic moments with your loved ones. Perfectly posed is never my goal. But perfectly captured? It absolutely is.

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